Nowadays, social media (social media) has become a global communication media that is followed by all groups, from childhood to old age. The various conveniences of social media through gadgets (gadgets) that are owned by almost everyone have made social media as the most popular media in communication. Unfortunately, there are people who are not wise in using social media, thus causing a very big problem.
In its simplest form, there are several important aspects so that a communication can work well and correctly. The aspects of communication referred to are: the sender of the message (sender), the message sent (message), the recipient of the message (receiver), the context in which the communication takes place (context), the means used (media), and interference with communication or “noise” (noise).
Means to be wise in social media, it is necessary to pay attention to the aspects of communication above one by one.

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Robot Existence Becomes Reality


The term “robot” comes from the Czech word “robotnik” or “robota” which means “slave” or “slavery” (forced labor). Initially, robotic technology included technology used in computing, electricity, pneumatics and hydraulics, which are widely used in industry. The goal is for all industrial work to take place automatically. As a result, at that time there was a massive reduction in human labor because the work was taken over by these robots.
However, robotic technology is undergoing an extraordinary revolution, which is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), which penetrates into all aspects of human life. International Business Times, in December last year included Dr. David Levy stated that in the near future there will be a marriage of someone to a robot, and the marriage will become legal or legally recognized in 2050.
As Christians, we need to know the role of the robot now and later, what are the positive and negative impacts, and how we react to it.

Robot function

Basically, robots are made to help humans, and are divided into two types, namely: controlled robots (controlled robots) and automatic robots (autonomous robots). The forms also vary: some are in the form of humans (humanoid robots), some are only in the form of long-armed hands (robot manipulators), mobile robots (mobile robots), robots that can fly (flying robots), and robots that resemble animals (robot animalia).
In his book, Robot, Is My Friend, Jully Tjindrawan, states that humans make robots to do work that cannot be done by humans, such as dangerous work, or repetitive work that will make bored, or work that requires careful exhausting the human eye.
In the industrial field, robots are used to do routine, fast, dangerous work. In the health field, robots are used to deliver drugs and food, as well as for operations that require high accuracy, for example eye surgery. Even robots can perform remote operations. In the world of Education, robots are used as a means of learning computer programming and to enhance children’s creativity. In the entertainment field, robots can dance or play musical instruments. At home, robots can help clean dust, cut grass and other household chores. In the field of science and technology, robots conduct research in places that cannot be visited by humans, such as: exploration of the planet Mars, monitoring volcanic activity, exploration under the sea, and so on. Now, robots are also developed for defense and security.
It seems clear that the function of robots is so diverse, and if used positively can be a human partner in carrying out various activities to improve their welfare.

The impact

In every development of science and in the use of any technological results can always be seen and experienced positive and negative impacts. Likewise with the use of robots.
The positive impact of robots is evident when humans encounter the following types of work:
• Research exploring space to look for other planets that could later become human habitation.
• Research explores the depths of the earth or the depths of the ocean where it is impossible for humans to get there.
• Work that can be completed much faster, more consistently, and more accurately.
• Assistance to patients who are chronically ill because the robot does not recognize boredom.

In addition to the positive impacts above, the negative impacts of robots include:
• Large enough funding to make, buy, maintain or repair a robot, and provide enough energy so that the robot can continue working.
• Robots can store a very large amount of data, but still will not exceed the ability of human thinking.
• Making human dependence on robots so that in the long run can reduce human mental abilities.
• Automation of industrial work with robots increases the amount of unemployment; only the workers who have the ability to operate the robot are left behind.
• When robots are used to damage and destroy as visualized in Hollywood films.
• As great as a robot will not be able to really interact with humans in feeling.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Robotics is growing along with the increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The term artificial intelligence first appeared in 1956 at a science and technology conference in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, United States. AI is defined as “the ability of a computer-based program or an automated robot to do tasks related to intelligence with minimum supervision or without human supervision.” (Encyclopedia Britannica). AI is a branch of computer science that emphasizes the development of machine intelligence, thinking and working like humans. For example, voice recognition, problem solving, learning, and planning.
At present, the use of AI is increasingly widespread with their respective names. Some Siri are able to find information, get directions, send messages, make voice calls, open applications, and add events to the calendar; there is a Tesla that is able to replace the role of humans in driving a car automatically; there is Cogito, which is able to handle the customers of a company through a call center so that the services provided are maximum.
In addition there is Netflix that is able to present films that are liked by enthusiasts; there is a Flying Drone that is able to take pictures, record, cover the news, and now is in the trial of sending the product to the customer’s home; there is Alexa who can help someone find information on the internet, arrange appointments, shop, control lights, switches, thermostats, answer questions, read audiobooks, report traffic and weather, provide info about local businesses, provide sports scores and schedules, and much more again.

Christian Attitude –

What is our attitude as Christians towards the increasingly widespread use of robots and artificial intelligence technology?
First, we should be grateful to God, the Creator, who has created humans similar to His image, who are endowed with intellectual abilities in such a way as to be able to produce robots and artificial intelligence that can make humans more comfortable. With the sophistication of robots, humans can explore the universe in accordance with the natural and cultural mandate that he gave to humans (Genesis 1: 26-28).
Secondly, in using these sophisticated tools, we must hold to the Biblical ethics, that is, positively. We should not use it to bring chaos or damage, but rather the peace and well-being of many people.
Third, it is unavoidable that in the future robotic technology and artificial intelligence penetrate into the religious field, namely carrying out services that were previously performed by humans as an expression of gratitude for the gift of salvation received for believing and accepting the work of redemption by the Lord Jesus Christ. Services such as usher to welcome congregations who come to worship, collectors who collect church offerings, music that accompanies praise, and so on, should not be replaced by tools that are inanimate objects automatically, without any feeling in doing these services.
Fourth, each family must prepare the next generation to take up studies and choose work that is consistent with the potential and ability that God has given, but also accompanied by the ability to use the sophisticated equipment.
Fifth, robots and AI technology can indeed help us as household assistants to do a lot of work at home, but certainly it will not be able to replace the existence and role of a husband / wife as partners and companions of our lives as God established, namely that “… a a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife … “(Genesis 2:18).
Sixth, in the preoccupation with using sophisticated equipment in general makes humans move … move dynamically. For that we must not forget the need to set aside the Quiet Time to fellowship with God in prayer and contemplation of His word. Even if there is an audiobible where someone can listen to the reading of the Bible which is done automatically by an intelligent system of reading texts, but it will still be different if we ourselves are reading and meditating on it. It should always be remembered that fellowship with God is related to the spirit, not only to reason (1 Corinthians 14:15).
Seventh, even though humans have succeeded in achieving intelligence in making robots and AI, but must still have a strong faith that God exists and remain in control of everything. With this understanding, we will not be proud or boastful, but remain humble to worship the God we call the Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We must “take every thought captive and submit it to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10: 5) .—

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dr. petrus f. setiadarma

digital bible

The Bible is the word of God that is read every day by believers in building their faith and spirituality. Today, known as the digital age, the Bible is affected by the real development of digital technology. The Bible has undergone a process of digitization. The question that arises is the extent to which this digitization of the Bible influences Christians’ interest in reading the Bible.

The Form of the Bible From Time to Time

In Old Testament times, God’s people listened to the word of God delivered orally or read from scrolls written by hand by prophets or priests (Jeremiah 36:14). Furthermore, after the printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg (1398-1468), then in 1452 the Bible was printed for the first time. The Bible was the first printing press from the Gutenberg printing press, called the “Gutenberg Bible” and is known as the oldest printed book in the Western World.

For blind people who cannot read the Bible can only understand the word of God by listening to readings made by others. This continued until the Bible was printed in printed Braille, the embossed type found by Louis Braille (1909-1952).

Then since the discovery of the computer system, many printed materials, including the Bible, can be presented in the form of text that can be read on a computer monitor screen. This continues to grow and the collection of software about the Bible is known as Biblical Software.

Digital Bible

Now, the life of mankind has been in an era that is very active and moves dynamically, and is very practical. As a result, the Bible, which could only be read in large print, can then be read via a personal computer monitor (PC) and laptop, now it can be more mobile, namely by making a Bible application that can be downloaded (downloaded) on the device including our cellphones. As for the blind, there is now an audiobible Bible that is delivered with many types of sounds and has a musical background that supports the reading of the Bible.

Now, with the digital mobile Bible, both speakers and preachers and congregants prefer to bring their devices and cellphones while attending church services or cell groups and other prayer groups. From here we see many benefits:

  1. The Bible can be read with a large and form letters and display and lighting that can be arranged according to the wishes of the reader.
  2. It’s easier when looking for a forgotten verse, which is by using the “search” (search) feature, without having to use a concordance book that was normally done in the past.
  3. Bible verses can be better understood because they can be read in native languages, namely Hebrew and Greek, Indonesian, Regional Languages, Foreign Languages; in various versions, as well as additional features that are very helpful such as: dictionaries, interpretations, maps, short devotions, and so on.
  4. In the verse being read or researched, the reader can give notes accompanied by different coloring, both for the purpose of delivering sermons / reflections, as well as for personal Bible study.
  5. Verses that can be directly copied and sent through social media to strengthen the faith of those who receive the message of the verse.

However, in addition to some of the benefits above, the digital Bible also has weaknesses, among others: first, when in Worship and the congregation reads the Bible from their device, it can cause confusion for other congregations who sit around because they think it does not pay attention to the sermon delivered but continues focused on the device. Second, when the device is lost and no longer found, the various notes that have been made can also disappear, unless the notes are backed up elsewhere, or stored in the cloud. Third, the use of devices to read the Bible for a long time can certainly damage the senses in our eyes. So there must still be a time limit for our spiritual health and our physical eyes to remain healthy.

Digital Bible Sites and Applications

Sites – For those of you who want to study the Bible, you need to know which sites on the Internet have the right teaching, because if not your faith can be shaken by false teachings. Here are some sites that I recommend to be able to visit and learn from there: ; ; ; ; ;,

Applications – Digital Bible Applications and other books that can help you when you are deepening the Bible (based on Android or iOS) can be downloaded either free or paid, and must be adapted to the storage capacity in your device: Bible Text, Voice Bible , Bible Dictionary, PEDIA Bible, Interpretation, Bible maps, Bible Stories for children, Audio Bible MP3 40+ languages, etc.-

dr. petrus f. setiadarma

Hold on Into Our Principal of Life Enable Us to Achieve Our Goals

Finally, that marathon runner reaches the finish line as the first winner. He is called as a champion because He holds on into his principals of life, principal of focus. He is fully aware of his competitors’ existence.  Therefore, He is well prepared both physically and mentally. Although joining into a training center is such a quarantine process for him, he is willing to commit himself into it. His willingness to be isolated from external influences prevents himself from temptations which capable to destroy his concentration. However, his hard work will be paid off with victory.

Life is all about a race or a contest that determines the success of someone’s life. There are many races in life, including a race to bring our life closer to His knees, a race to have good deed to all people, a race to sacrifice something to our nation and country, and etc. We can be considered as a successful person if we can be a winner in a contest. Although there are many races we have to go through in life, there are still many people who cannot stay focus and procrastinate. They don’t understand how valuable their time is. People like to spend their time to play games without any purposes and results. What’s wrong with playing games? Actually, there is nothing wrong with playing games if it supports your focus in life and encourages us to become more productive.

To sum up, we should hold on into our life principal, such as principal of truth, principal of honesty, and principal of holiness since there are many temptations in life. We should stay firm to our life principal so that we are resisted from any distractions.

by: petrus f. setiadarma

translated by: eilien t. hendrawan


Posted on: December 1, 2009

There are three Different Types of “Running”. We see many people exercise in the morning. Some people like to walk, while other people prefer to run; every person has different preferences on exercising. There are people who run alone while some people prefer to run in a group or a team. Basically, there are three different types of running.

  1. First, run regularly that is aimed to keep our body fit and healthy. This is a good habit people should build since we know and realize the importance of exercising, to maintain our stamina.
  2. Second, run that is aimed to stay away from something. Running away from something that will damage or harm us is an appropriate act someone should make. We should not compromise on temptations; we should run and leave it away. However, we should not run away to escape from our responsibilities. For instance, people move from one job to another easily, trying to find a job with less responsibility and run away from “disciplined” superior. Undisciplined students neglect their responsibilities such as studying and finishing their homework. Instead of that, they play games and cheat during examination.
  3. Third, a person runs to accomplish an honorable goal in life which is to become a blessing for other people by doing positive things in order to please God. This needs strong-will, hard-working and commitment. This person knows how valuable and precious time is; He or she will not procrastinate to do positive things, like giving forgiveness, helping people in needs, and encouraging the desperate ones.

by: petrus f. setiadarma

translated by: eilien t. hendrawan




God creates human beings as social creatures, which means that the meaning of our lives is influenced by our interaction with our friends and environments. We are given the capability to communicate with other people to express our feelings and thoughts. Our expressions are stated in the form of symbols or signs. These symbols and signs are created to be accepted and understood by certain community. Below are the examples of some symbols we need to stay focus on:

  • The sign or symbol of love:

Some people express their love by giving flower to the one they love. While other people feel that expressing their love with flower is not enough; Love should be symbolized with diamond. However, there might be another sign of love in other cultures.

  • The sign or symbol of  “shake head” :

In Indonesia, “shake head” symbolizes the word “no”, but for Indian people it means “yes”. While in some other cultures, “shake head” can imply different meanings.

  • The sign or symbol in the streets:

There are two different signs in the street, including prohibition and instruction signs. Several examples of prohibition signs in the street are “Stop” and “Do not Park” sign, while one example of instruction sign will be “speed up 60 km/hour,” and etc.

  • We should also recognize and learn signs and symbols in building our relationship with friends to prevent misunderstanding and miscommunication.
  • As a good citizen, we automatically will respect our country’s signs. As an Indonesian, I respect our national flag, red-white flag. However, the term of respect is broad and it means more than just respecting the sign or symbol of our nation. We are considered as a good citizen if we follow the rules/regulations, do our jobs/tasks accordingly, and are responsible as good citizens such as paying taxes.

Since we know the importance of building a good and mutual relationship with other people, including our friends, we should recognize and understand carefully and completely the meaning of symbols or signs.

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by: petrus f. setiadarma

translated by: eilien t. hendrawan


There are several differences between uptown and urban people. One of the most obvious differences is their willingness to do something voluntarily. Urban people less concern about social classes compared with uptown people. In addition, people who live in urban areas have better social life and stronger bond within one another compared with uptown people who are more individualistic. I have experienced several circumstances which convince me that people in urban areas have better willingness to help and do something voluntarily compared to uptown people. For instance, when we are looking for an address in urban area, suddenly there are people who voluntarily offer help to show us the correct address without asking something in return. Although, these urban people did not know and ask who we are, they automatically helped us as if they should. Helping people is such awareness for urban people. Moreover, they don’t expect and ask something in return from helping us.

While most likely in big cities, most people are influenced with materialism culture. They measure lots of things with money. Most people are expecting something in return. They are willing to help if they know who that person and if receive something in return. For instance, there are lots of people in the streets who accelerate the traffic jams, but in the end, they ask for money as commission. If they don’t receive it, they will get upset. Also, when our car got stuck in the middle of the street, people who helped to shove our car aside asked something in return.

Our willingness to help other people voluntarily will appear and grow stronger if we realize that we are social human beings who can’t live alone. We need to be aware with the fact that every one of us needs the help of other people since our capacities are limited. Therefore, helping other people should have become our priority in life. We should become a role model for our environment by practicing and giving examples of doing something sincerely. Last but not least, building habit of giving voluntarily should be built as earlier as possible and become one of our traits.

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by: petrus f. setiadarma

translated by: eilien t. hendrawan


In general, people don’t like the word “repetition” because they usually refer that word as a failure. For instance, a second grade primary school student must “repeat” her course again due to her unsatisfactory results. Retaking driving test is another example of repetition when the policeman states that we fail during examination. These two examples show repetition as a failure, yet repetition does not always represent failure. Is it true that the word “repetition” always symbolizes the word “failure”? One purpose of repetition is to overcome failure, but it is not absolute. For example, we strike with a hammer repeatedly not because of our strike does not reach the target; It is needed so that the nail will implanted inside in. In this case, the purpose of repetition is as a tool to achieve the target.

Parents should raise their children with the best effort they can. They also need to be the role model for their children. Providing all the material and physical needs for our children will never be enough. Their needs are more than the physical things, what they need more is love, courage, companion, and guidance.  Spending time with our children will be very effective to build strong bond between us. In addition, we have to constantly and continually give advice to our children so that it will stick to their mind and heart. We need to be aware with the fact that our children’ behaviors and characters are influenced tremendously by the way we raise them.

Husband and wife need to confess their love to one another repeatedly so that they are able to resist from temptation. Love is such a “flower” which needs nourishment all the time so it can grow stronger and beautifully. And so Christians who frequently and repeatedly should listen, read, and obey God’s words so that our lives are attached to Jesus Christ which will prevent us from sin or hurting other people.

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by: petrus f. setiadarma

translated by: eilien t. hendrawan

“Who knows what is deeply inside someone’s heart?” That’s the question that always comes up to my mind and I’m sure that all of you have the same question as me. The only person who knows what is inside our heart is ourselves. Nobody knows what is inside our heart since people don’t have the ability to examine someone’s heart. As a result, people also don’t have the ability to distinguish whether someone is truly sincere or not. There are many people who often disguise or hide their true characters or personalities from other people. Most of the time, we consider whether someone is nice or not only from the outlook or appearance, which is often time it can be wrong.

“Are we all as human beings have sincere and pure heart?” The answer will be absolutely not. We are born as a sinful creature. Since we were kids, we sinned. We were egoistic people; we envied other kids. This shows us that we don’t have clean-heart. However, when we receive Jesus Christ in our lives, He heals and cleanses our heart from sins. But we still have to keep our heart on guard since in this world, there are many temptations. There are four ways we can implement in our lives to keep our heart on guard and clean?

First, stay away from gossips and rumors. We, as Christians, should not tell gossips. If there is a person who is telling gossip about you, then just disregards it since God knows our heart. Moreover, the truth will always come up later.

Second, always think positively and throw away the “garbage” inside our heart, like hatred, anger, and bitterness. By thinking positively, we can be the doers of God’s word. Try to see things from its positive sides, not the negative sides.

Third, fulfill our life with positive things, such as spiritual stuffs by reading Bible, listening to the gospel of God, and listening to church songs, serving the needs of other people (like orphans, etc).

Four, we should learn to be sincere. We should say something according to the truth, say yes if it is truly yes, but say no if it is truly no. Our integrity can be shown or reflected from our sincerity. Always remember to keep our heart on guard.

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by: petrus f. setiadarma

translated by:  eilien t. hendrawan

Being loyal can be defined as being devoted into certain thing. People are usually willing to devote themselves into something if they receive something to gain or benefit from it. However, if people think there are no benefits to gain, they will most likely unwilling to be loyal into something. Lately, it is difficult to find a truly loyal person since there is a life pattern changing in today’s society from devotion-life-pattern into individualistic-life-pattern. These two examples below will show and convince us that in our today’s society, loyalty has been gradually faded.

  • During holidays, there are still many children who are unwilling and raise objection to help their parents doing chores. They never realize and to be thankful on how hard their parents have been working for to afford their living costs and education expenses. They feel that it is their parents’ duty to work hard to provide their needs.
  • Many employees are not loyal anymore to their companies they have been working for. They feel that their contributions to the company need to be compensated fairly. Without receiving greater return (bonuses/money) form the company, most likely employees are unwilling to work over time.
  • Some people serve others not because they really care about those people but because of profit/benefit intention.

Looking at these two examples should open our eyes and remind us for not measuring every single thing with money/ bonuses/ returns. It is important to be loyal or devoted people. We can be loyal into certain thing if there is love inside our heart. When we love our parents, we have tendency to always please and help them with all of our heart. When we love someone, we are gladly to serve that person. We should have proper attitude and motivation toward other people.

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by: petrus f. setiadarma

translated by: eilien t. hendrawan

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